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Hardcore Graffiti 09.09.1982

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Catalog No: Schoten Tapes 06
Format: Tape
  01.East End (Die Knallschoten)
02.Gelenkt (Die Knallschoten)
03.Snail Invasion (Die Knallschoten)
04.Johnnie Naiv (Die Knallschoten)
05.Aufgepaßt (Die Knallschoten)
06.Dead B. (Die Knallschoten)
07.BKA (Die Knallschoten)
08.Hardcore 1 (Die Knallschoten)
09.Hardcore 2 (Die Knallschoten)
10.Holocaust (Die Knallschoten)
11.Ansprache (Napalm)
12.Killerrats (Napalm)
13.We Dont Like It (Napalm)
14.Tolle (Napalm)
15.No School (Napalm)
16.Borstal Breakout (Napalm)
17.It's A Warning (Napalm)
18.??? (Napalm)
19.Graffity (Napalm)
20.Noise (Napalm)
21.Ansage (Napalm)
22.Laberlabersülzsülz (Napalm)
23.Smash The System (Napalm)
24.Instrumental (Napalm)
25.Prisoner (The Insane)
26.Chinese Rocks (The Insane)
27.Nuclear War (The Insane)
28.Empty (The Insane)
29.El Salvador (The Insane)
30.Kawumm (The Insane)
31.Fucking War (The Insane)
32.CID (The Insane)
33.??? (The Insane)