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Hent Petty Glock - Pent Hetty Gloch

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: E.T.C. 003
Format: Tape
A1 –The Casual Labourers* A Lapse Is Due  
A2 –Bendle Waiting For A Certain Set Of Rules  
A3 –Bendle Stepping Out Of Worry Town  
A4 –The Casual Labourers* Narziss + Goldmund  
A5 –Giblet And Bendle Jack Bishop Imitators  
A6a –The Door And The Window Skips  
A6b –The Door And The Window Feeding The Cat  
A6c –The Door And The Window More Glock (Wedding)  
B7 –The Door And The Window Badger + Squirrel  
B8 –Bendle What Will They Do To The Isle Of Dogs?  
B9 –Bendle Several Painted Pages From My Analytical Journal  
Continuous track-numbering on release.

It is somewhat unclear if Hent Petty Glock is meant to be the name for this kind of collective work...