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Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol. 8: "Sexy But Chic" / Ode To Samantha Fox (Harsh Blend)

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Insane Music, INS 55
Format: Tape
Spezification: vg+/vg+
A1 –Timekode Sammy-Get Deep  
A2 –Neil Campbell Colossal Girl  
A3 –A Bao A Quo Sam & Jeanne, Chaque Jour  
A4 –WeR7 Sam Versus Maria (Extract)  
A5 –M.Nomized Samantha Fox  
A6 –Karma (24) Mandara  
A7 –Coalmine 5* Into The Zipper Zone Part 1  
A8 –Coalmine 5* Into The Zipper Zone Part 2  
A9 –From Nursery To Misery The Daily Raper  
A10 –The Rotating Chickens I Love You (Samantha)  
A11 –Schaum Der Tage Eine Nacht Mit Sam  
A12 –Selfs Without Shells Smart Girls Have More Fun  
A13 –Food For The Moon Fou De Fox  
A14 –Paul K. & Pericles Cancrelas Racontent No Babe For Sam Fox This Morning  
A15 –Sack* Fox-Hunt  
B1 –Bene Gesserit In Love With Samantha Fox  
B2 –Glauque Production Samantha D'Or Dur  
B3 –Random (3) Sammy For Bimbo Baby  
B4 –Yximalloo Watashi Wa Sugita, Anata Ga Sukida  
B5 –23* Sam Je T'Aime  
B6 –That Backdoor Man As I Moonwalked With Samantha  
B7 –Corneille Blanche Dans Le Terrier De Samantha Fox  
B8 –Honorus Clausa Sept Cannons Pour Samantha  
B9 –The Dead Goldfish Ensemble Foxy  
B10 –Aerial Angeline Mysterious Star  
B11 –Macromassa Europa La Siesta  
B12 –Las Animas Sammy Fox Conscience  
B13 –Nostalgie Eternelle Skin Trade  
B14 –Hänzel & Gretzel Foxx & Vice  
B15 –Los Paranos I Don't Know Samantha Fox  
All Insane tapes were re-released on cdr in 2005, in the same covers/plastic bags as the original cassettes.

This tape comes with a fold-out lyric sheet and a naughty Samantha Fox postcard. Most artists submitted short tracks of (less than) 2 minutes.