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I.E.M.A. Collective Tape #2 Album,

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: International Electronic Music Association (Anvil Creations): Group Tape Project
Format: Tape
A1 : William Ashley Cooper - Scprpio RisingDawn Tides - 10:00
A2 : Joe Deihl - For My Elephants And For My Monkey - 4:00
A3 : Cerberus - The Dreaming City - 4:00
A4 : Cerberus - Interlewd - 2:30
A5 : Cerberus - Auto Erotica - 4:30
A6 : Cerberus - Coldsleep - 3:30
B1 : Ron Slabe - Subterranean - 2:30
B2 : Ron Slabe - Total Sensory Deprivation - 3:30
B3 : John Krocker - Dance Music - 3:30
B4 : John Krocker - Running Water - 1:30
B5 : John Krocker - Roller - 2:00
B6 : John Krocker - Sub - 2:00
B7 : John Krocker - Walking With My Girl - 3:30
B8 : Victor Shkawrytko - Planet Tour - 6:00
B9 : William Ashley Cooper - Sagittarian DanceFor Persistance - 5:30
Ken Moore of Anvil Creations was able to choose several new artists to be on the second Project Tape. Ken and Dave Dillman meet William Ashley Cooper in Allentown Pennsylvania during a vacation-trip. Then driving to Edison, NJ to see Don Slepian [Don & Judy Records]. William had a nice little den that he had converted into an electronic music studio. Ken was impressed that his wife had let him dedicate an entire room to his music. There is a web page somewhere that honors his music online. Don was tucked away in a little apartment right next to where Jim Finch lived. They were playing with video synthesizers at the time Dave and Ken were there. Ken also got to meet Lauri Paisley during that trip, and she and Ken became good friends. Don also had a SYNERGY keyboard there, and Ken taped some of the pieces that are on "To No Avail" on that synth while staying overnight. Group Tape #2 Side One William Ashley Cooper 1. Scorpio's Rising - Down Tides Joe Deihl 1. For My Elephants and For My Monkey Cerberus 1. The Dreaming City 2. Interlewd 3. Auto Erotica 4. Cold Sleep 5. Subterranean 6. Total Sensory Deprivation Side Two John Krocker 1. Dance Music 2. Running Water 3. Roller 4. Sub 5. Walking With My Girl Victor Shkawrytko 1. Planettour William Ashley Cooper 1. Sagittarius Dance - For Persistence If I remember correctly, Cerberus was the name Ron Slabe was recording under.