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Iao Core

Gender: Male
Country: United States
 Iao Core is an experimental formation found in 1987 in San Francisco, USA. On the early stages of their career, the group approached the music and live performances as a form of ritual activity. Their music comprises elements of classical, experimental, electronica, avant-garde, industrial, speed metal and other genres, and the group released over 20 albums and tours frequently.   In elaborate performances with as many as 16 musicians on stage, Iao Core has performed with many underground musicians, such as Caroliner and Monte Cazazza, as well as Crash Worship, Vidna Obmana, Gong's Daevid Allen, Don Joyce of Negativland on the Over The Edge (2) radio show, Japanese noise unit C.C.C.C., electroacoustic instrument inventor Thomas Nunn and blood-drinker/spoken word artist Danielle Willis.