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Idealistic Idiot Vol.8

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Nihilistic Recordings
Format: Tape
A1 –Jomnous Ensemble Narcissus Unanimous Anonymous  
A2 –The H.E.S.S.* Circle Of Fear  
A3 –Odal Gibur  
A4 –Nostalgie Etenelle* A Little Shove  
A5 –Minoy Sapo Tuko Noos  
A6 –Fred Walkering* I Create  
A7 –Not 1/2 Chemical Bath (1953 Mix)  
B1 –Fred Walkering* Worldnews  
B2 –pronegatif Untitled Part 1  
B3 –Lyke Wake Ren Rebound  
B4 –Mental Anguish You Just Gotta  
B5 –John Hudak Counting  
B6 –John Hudak Contemporary Favorite  
B7 –pronegatif Untitled Part 2  
B8 –Cancerous Growth Caution Low Galt Regeveiv  
B9 –Pu-ni-sh-me-nt* Two (Dedicated To Black Humor)  
Two different cover versions exist at least. Darker blue version as pictured with "EA W'veer" address [this], and light green version with "CV Zaandam" address.

The spine lists this as "Idealistic Idiot 8", whereas the inner tracklisting refers to this as "Idealistic Idiot Vol.8".