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Illigiti Non Carborundum

Artist: Various

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Alternative Capitalists, ACC 001
Format: Tape
A1 Heat Ecstasy - Tissue Brain
A2 The Plague - One Of Touch
A3 The Plague - No Time To Waste
A4 The Plague - Exile
A5 The Plague - Via Satellite
A6 Peter Ferrets Partly - Choleratura
B1 Peter Ferrets Partly - Low Comotion
B2 Intestines - Rich
B3 Intestines - Life In A Cardboard Box
B4 Intestines - Family At War
B5 Intestines Armchair Dictators
B6 Intestines - Nothing Is Forever
B7 Anthrax For The People - Today
B8 Anthrax For The People - Rock Is Dead
B9 Anthrax For The People - Confusion Strum
B10 Anthrax For The People - How Come