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Intrendent Fansette 5-210 Master-Reels

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Catalog No: MAM-Aufnahme, Ffm none
Format: Reel


    Intrendent Fansette Edition 10
A1 Hypnobeat Induktion 3:01
A2 The Klinik* So Hard 3:05
A3 Pacific 231 (2) After June 0:55
A4 Pacific 231 (2) Insectes 6:03
A5 Problemist Pavement 2:48
A6 De Fabriek Shooting Star 5:15
A7 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe That's Not In Your Business 2:30
A8 Kapotte Muziek La Sang Du Peuple 2:11
A9 Denier Du Culte L'arche De St. Denis 2:10
A10 Noah N Dioxin 3:02
A11 Vox Populi* Hebus 2:17
A12 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl Lives Of The Saints 2:45
A13 Statschki Prospekt Waffenbrüder Für Den Frieden 7:00
    Intrendent Fansette Edition 9
B1 Z'EV KPFK (LA) 17:25
B2 Random Confusion The Waiting Room 3:15
B3 Sack* Neon 2:15
B4 Keeler On The Lam 3:08
B5 Titex Plus Scoring All The Day 3:34
B6 Man's Hate Love Me 3:39
B7 Geteilte Freude Herzensbrecher 2:08
B8 Dino Martini Zurück In Die Stadt 3:05
B9 Cut Up Swingers* Disco In O-Bin 2:32
B10 Trax (2) Abstrax 1:26
    Intrendent Fansette Edition 8
C1 Dierk Leitert, Florian Glaser Light Over The Sea 5:53
C2 Autumn Pale Mist Meditation 5:53
C3 Problemist The Heart Of The Suavior 2:01
C4 Brain Wot Gnong 3:01
C5 Berserker Schlag Aus 2:17
C6 Los Paranos Le Sureau 2:27
C7 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl Blue Heaven 3:02
C8 Hypnobeat Enhanced Circulation 5:52
C9 Säurekeller 19 Nichtschwimmer 0:45
C10 Zidsick New Sports Banned 2:50
C11 The Klinik* Ronald Reagan 0:40
C12 Söhne Onans Grad Mach Is Maul Zuah 4:45
C13 Zone Vert* La Zone Devient Rouge Part I 4:45
    Intrendent Fansette Edition 7
D1 Julius (5) Musik Weit Weg 10:20
D2 Gurk Das Atom Als Arbeiter 2:08
D3 The Unovidual* Quick Life At Magauty 4 2:34
D4 Set Fatale Endloses Hallen 3:58
D5 Hags Master Of The Situation 2:08
D6 Syndrome (8) Glass Face 2:00
D7 Das Gehirn Merkwürdige Zufälle 3:22
D8 P16.D4 Mal Vu Part 4 1:40
D9 Das Heinrich-Mucken-Saalorchester Live At Station Coesfeld 6:00
D10 Zone Vert* La Zone Devient Rouge Part II 3:00
D11 The Off Band From Red Soundtracks 4:21
    Intrendent Fansette Edition 6
E1 Cube (19) Action & Object 6:48
E2 The Unovidual* & Tara Cross Live 5:04
E3 Blue Anger Hators And Other Breaking Outs 3:50
E4 Influenza Prods* Kada Polazi Vlak? 3:30
E5 The Hobo's Third Goldnose Picture Of Today 3:00
E6 Ultima Thüle Lament Of A Lighthouse Keeper 4:10
E7 Very Inc.* Guitarman I 4:30
E8 Dreidimensional Kilgary Mountain 5:00
E9 Zidsick Happy Man 2:00
E10 Trax (2) Abstrax 2:00
    Intrendent Fansette Edition 5
F1 Circles Circle Of Eight 3:10
F2 Hypnobeat Pleasant Music #2 7:20
F3 Twilight Ritual A Perfect Memory In Here 3:05
F4 Los Paranos Saga II 4:01
F5 Cricket Upstairs Who's Waiting 4:01
F6 V 96 & Ralph Der Tiger 3:15
F7 Surplus Stock I've Got A Gun With Just One Bullet 5:23
F8 Frozen Ocean (2) Monday Is My Blue Day 4:55
F9 Sonitu Suopte Ich Liebe Dich 2:45
F10 The Taigabauer Kleine Astronaut 2:45
F11 Gertie Bauer & Die Jungs* Das War Der Tag 1:20


Limited to 300 copies. Comes in a case that holds three C90 cassettes with a 132 page booklet.

Also included is a contribution by The Haters entitled "Destroyed Music". In order to create the destroyed music one must tear out page number 26 from the booklet and light it on fire.

The first tape is black, and it is Volumes 10 and 9.
The second tape is red, and it is Volumes 8 and 7.
The third tape is yellow, and it is Volumes 6 and 5.