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Jonathan Coleclough & Larry Wendt

Gender: Male
Description: An American composer and sound installation artist (b. 1954), associated with academic experimental music. He is also known for organising and curating a number of festivals promoting contemporary audiovisual arts. He has also authored several essays and books on musicology (e.g. Composing Inside ElectronicsPublished Research in the Field of Experimental Music, 1988-2007 or Handmade Electronic MusicThe Art of Hardware Hacking), dedicated to the aesthetics of electronic music. While still a student, in the second half of the 1970s he collaborated with Alvin LUCIER, and later, in the early 1980s, inspired by the artistic concepts by David TUDOR and David BEHRMAN he moved on to pursue his own artistic concepts. He became famous for his pioneering live performances invo- lving use of primitive microcomputers and self-made acoustic and electro- nic sound generators. His recent works contain elements of recitation with music and idiosyncratic electronic music based on the modulated sound of acoustic instruments combined with synthesized sonic textures. Discography: split with Ron KUIVILA Going Out With Slow Smoke (Lovely Music, Ltd. 1982) LP Let The State Make The Selection (Lovely Music, Ltd. 1984) LP Devil’s Music (Em Records 1985) CD split with Larry WENDT Slowscan Vol. 3 (Slowscan 1986) tape split with Robert POSS Inverse Guitar (Trace Elements Records 1988) tape