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Journey Into Pain

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: United States
Catalog No: Statutory Tape STATAP 13
Format: Tape


A1 New Blockaders* / Organum Homage To Tatlin (Part 1) 15:14
A2 PGR Setting Free 3:56
A3 P16.D4 Sentiment & Frohsinn 4:39
B1 Hélène Sage Mystic Terrorism 7:39
B2 Merzbow Invisible Tatara (Excerpt 1 & 2) 5:56
B3 SBOTHI* Heavy Birds Always Drop 1:42
B4 The Haters Journey Into Pain 4:24
B5 Asmus Tietchens Vierter Stahlgeist 6:59
C1 Hijo Kaidan* 5 Years On 14:43
C2 The Boredoms* We Are The Law!! 6:04
C3 Hanatarash We Are Hard Core!! 7:03
D1 John Duncan Live At Anti Club 1/9/86 27:43
E1 The Gerogerigegege Super Mind Age 1:33
E2 The Gerogerigegege Live At Good Man 8:17
E3 The Gerogerigegege Noise 5:45
E4 Masonna Deaqij Bo Riotrk 0:47
E5 Masonna Jklidk 0:44
E6 Masonna Spewkrm Alitd 0:50
E7 Masonna Qppipt Bqom 0:51
E8 Masonna Holiday In The Sun 0:51
E9 Incapacitants No Bank (Excerpt) 9:38
F1 Odal Asoma 11:33
F2 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Viskoser Tod / La Mort Visqueuse 12:07
G1 Kallabris Balbur 6:36
G2 Muslimgauze Iran 6:14
G3 Function Disorder My Time 2:33
G4 Autopsia Does The Knife Cry When It Enters The Skin 7:20
H1 Cranioclast "Play It Again, Erich!" 6:38
H2 Frank Dommert Das Leben In Sulz 9:20
H3 Asmus Tietchens Unter Der Vier 4:41
H4 Core (2) Lavirr A Departure 6:24



This release is a sort of "best of" of two different cassette sets released by Beast 666 Tapes in Japan: "Journey Into Pain" 4 volumes and "Tourney Into Pain" 4 volumes.
Tracks A1 to A3, B1 to B5, C1 to C3, and D1 are from Journey Into Pain.
Tracks E1 to E9, F1 to F2, G1 to G4, and H1 to H4 are from Tourney Into Pain.
Artwork is wrongly credited to Francois Duvivier.
The Muslimgauze track (G2) is the same as "Arms Of The Koran" from the Jazirat-Ul-Arab LP