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Kentucky Fried Royalty Audio News Radio Show No. 3

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Kentucky Fried Royalty
Format: Tape
A1 –Various Tape Department Jingle  
A2 –Bouffant Jellyfish Shrimp And Chicken Jambo  
A3 –Maxence Cyrin Transcenzion  
A4 –Mobius Shrimp* Fiskur  
A5 –Reptilicus Temperature Of Blood  
A6 –Beyond The Dr?tsch?n Crucify The Pope  
A7 –No Comment Inquisita  
A8 –Alien Planetscapes The Ballad Of Fran & Evan  
A9 –L.G. Mair Jr.* Sin By Sin  
A10 –L.G. Mair Jr.* In Search Of The Goddess  
A11 –Black Rubbish Prazskej DJ  
B1 –Various Tape Department Jingle  
B2 –Kustom Kar Kommandos Fat Woman  
B3 –Tadashi Aioi Untitled  
B4 –The Kitchen* Monder  
B5 –The German Shepherds* Earthquake  
B6 –Hassan Und Die Schurken* Gaffa  
B7 –Fisch Und Voegel Durchfall  
B8 –DSIP* Gone  
B9 –R. Michael Torrey Mercy  
B10 –Mata Rata (2) 1000's  
B11 –The Wooden Soldiers Give You Love  
  • Compilation Producer – Lord Litter
A1: produced by Lord Litter with the help of tapemusic from all around the world
A2: from tape Various - Tape Report Nr. 5 released by Die Ind
A3: from their tape Transe And Danse
A4: from tape "Mobius Shrimp" by Paul & Laura who are mistakenly named as (artist) Mobius Shrimp
A5: from tape Temperature Of Blood
A6: from their tape "Delirium"
A7: from their tape Genetics I
A8: from their tape "Old Bottles"
A9: unreleased
A10: unreleased
A11: from their tape "Maxa"
B1: produced by Dauerfisch
B2: from their tape "Rollin Up Yer Collon"
B3: from his tape "Ballroom Kids"
B4: from their tape Tape Jazz Planet 3 mistakenly named as "Jazz Planet"
B5: from their tape Untitled named here as Unreleased b/w Live
B6: from tape Various - Nuit Horrible
B7: from tape "Fisch und Vögel"
B8: from their tape Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - Somnosections
B9: from tape "Love and Happiness"
B10: from tape "Party Snappers"
B11: from their album Roses Of Steel