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Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Portugal
Catalog No: Tragic Figures – TFT016
Format: Tape
 A1 –A Thunder Orchestra The Feud
A2 –M.Nomized Labyrinthe
A3 –S.Core* Blotch
A4 –Macromassa El Radiator Aceptable
A5 –Jörg Thomasius Zweiter Komparsengesang
A6 –A Place To Pray Reality Asylum
A7 –De Fabriek Mediterraneo
A8 –Context (3) Product 28
A9 –Die Rache Sudwind
B1 –E! Truncheon* Bruxelles Babel
B2 –Liquid G. Edit One
B3 –Suicide Commando Yuppie Fever
B4 –Hist Hoy
B5 –Krivoi Rog Momentum No. 4
B6 –L'ego (2) Fear It Self
B7 –Nostalgie Eternelle L'Accord
B8 –La Funcion De Repulsa* Mountain Song
B9 –Stefano Barban Pornoforno
B10 –Osso Exotico* Still Life, Inflamed
B11 –The Lost Attic Concrete Comandanti