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Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Zickzack, ZZ 45, Zickzack, ZwickZwack 1
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: with Xao Seffcheque Happy New Wave 7inch

Companies, etc.



The LP has the cat# 'ZZ 45' and is subtitled "Zickzack Sommerhits 81". Includes a large newspaper like insert with info about the bands: 'ZICK ZACK Zeitung für neue Musik'.
The single "Happy New Wave" was released by the fake label Zwickzwack with cat# 'ZwickZwack 1'. The artist names are not to be found neither on the cover nor the label. Side one has an advertisement to a fictional sampler, with excerpts from Mittagspause, DAF, Abwärts, Palais Schaumburg, Wirtschaftswunder and more. On side two is a parody conversation between a customer and a shop assistant in a record shop. With short pieces of music.
Regular edition of this release (→Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)) comes without the single.

Compiled at Hafenklang-Studio, Hamburg at the beginning of June 1981.
All tracks were previously unreleased.
P + C June 1981
Rip Off distribution.

Track A1: Recorded at Hafenklang-Studio.
Track A2: Taken from a recording session in Osterode in spring 1981.
Track A3: Recorded on tape at Kassettenkombinat, Berlin.
Track A4: Recorded on a 4-track machine.
Track A5: Recorded on a 2-track tape recorder.
Track A6: Recorded June 2nd at Hafenklang-Studio.
Track A7: Recorded on a 4-track machine at home in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel.
Track A8: Recorded at Szlovak-Studio, Hamburg on a 8-track machine. Mixed at Hafenklang-Studio.
Track A9: Recorded April 1981 at Szlovak-Studio on a 8-track machine.
Track B1: Recorded May 1981 at Hafenklang-Studio.
Track B2: Recorded at Kassettenkombinat, Berlin.
Track B4: Recorded May 1981 at Szlovak-Studio.
Track B5: Recorded on a 8-track machine at Claus Poland Studio, Munich. The "Skinhead" was performed by a guest from Lübeck.
Track B6: Recorded at Szlovak-Studio, Hamburg.
Track B7: Recorded live on tape November 14th, 1980 at Exxess, Berlin.
Track B8: Recorded May 1981 at Hafenklang-Studio.
Track B9: Recorded live end of 1979 at Jugendzentrum, Diez.

Engineer for lacquer cut uncredited, identified by the etched matrix.