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Lifestyle You Need

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: IRRE Tapes
Catalog No: IRRE Tapes; IT006
Format: Tape
    Monif (CH)
A1 –L'Air Maureen Silentsailing Night 3:00
A2 –Lorxif Musik Swing For Pinky 2:16
A3 –Die Welttraumforscher This Could Be The Greatest Love In Town 3:01
A4 –The Shrubberys* Get A Little 0:55
A5 –CP (4) Breschnief Fährt Auto 1:21
A6 –Die Welttraumforscher Ein Stern Trägt Hundert Eulen (Rätsel) 3:11
    Color (UK)
A7 –WeR7 82-84 Mix 4:53
A8 –Space Brothers (2) Last Train (Sonic Mix) 4:57
A9 –Mystery Plane Crazy Bombs 3:22
A10 –Modern Art (2) Big Dream 3:15
    Servil (D)
B11 –Shiny Gnomes What Ulli Says 3:42
B12 –Pure Luege And Run Run Run 3:01
B13 –Fit & Limo Don't Fall Down 2:44
B14 –The Unwillings Partners 2:12
B15 –Jabberwockies* The Joke's On You 3:00
    Insane (B)
B16 –Subject (2) Mistake 3:15
B17 –Niala Effen* Troisième Interlude 0:30
B18 –Bene Gesserit Alles Ist... 4:15
B19 –Cortex (2) Cortex AB 1:20
B20 –Human Flesh Contradictions 2:15
B21 –Japanese Genius Two Cousins 2:35
  • Artwork – Marietta Lang
An international compilation presenting 4 home-tape labels: Das Moniflabel, CH (A1 - A6), Color Disc, GB (A7 - A10), Servil, DE (B1 - B5) and Insane Music, BE (B6 - B11). The only exclusive tracks are A6, A8 & B1.
Comes with 16-page booklet.

First edition with hand marbled cover limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. (THIS)
Second edition (with slighty different sleeve and insert) is numbered over #100.