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Lingva Pravorvm Peribit

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Firstcask Records, FSK 007, Videoconférence, FSK 007
Format: Vinyl 7"
No tracklisting, no info, most of the runout info is scratched out or made unreadable ("FSK-007").
Two white label 7" with double inner rings.

Side B has dead wax between the tracks. After playing the first track you need to put the needle manually towards the second track.

Info from the label website:
" a friend came to my house and we talked on my roof for ever enjoying wine and sunset, he told me he knew an old geezer living in the mountains of France he was making a film about. the geezer was a leader in the situationist movement, and has loads of unreleased material about French lettrists.

we said lets get some recordings of this if we can, six months of difficult but pleasurable bartering and bargaining later, here is the result, co-produced by Firstcask and Videoconference

we are very proud to present to you: fsk007 2x7inch 2001 various artists LINGVA PRAVORVM PERIBIT"
A Unknown Artist Untitled
B1 Unknown Artist Untitled
B2 Unknown Artist Untitled
C1 Unknown Artist Untitled
C2 Unknown Artist Untitled
D1 Unknown Artist Untitled
D2 Unknown Artist Untitled