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Lunokhod - Live to Air

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Cntmprr-ydtns
Format: Tape
Cassette release documenting Series 2 of Live-to-air performances on Cntmprr-ydtns (Contemporary Editions) on radio station 2MBS-FM, Sydney, November 1983. Produced and co-ordinated by Alessio Cavallaro. Technical assistance: Austin Harrison. Real-time tape copying: Fringe Benefit Records. Boxed set of two cassettes.
A1  –Bleak  Untitled 
B1  –Browning Mummery  Rustic Acts Without Reality
    Instruments – Andrew Lonsdale
C1  –Severed Heads  Nothing On 45 
D1  –Rik Rue  Whats Whot 
D2  –Studio Testing  Sound Boards Gone