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Mail Music Project (by Nicola Frangione)

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Armadio Officina Audio Editions LP 001
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Maurizio Bianchi Untitled 1:08
A2 Sergio Cena Untitled 0:48
A3 Arrigo Lora-Totino Untitled 1:32
A4 Ubaldo Giacomucci Untitled 0:51
A5 Enzo Rosamilia Untitled 1:02
A6 Vittore Baroni Untitled 0:57
A7 Steen Moller Rasmussen* Untitled 0:59
A8 Tommy Rinnstein Untitled 1:19
A9 Serse Luigetti Untitled 1:08
A10 Masami Akita Untitled 1:19
A11 Franco Ballabeni Untitled 1:01
A12 Gerald Jupitter-Larsen* Untitled 0:57
A13 Richard Kostelanetz Untitled 1:39
A14 Bellee Etienne Marge Untitled 1:16
A15 Paulo Bruscky Untitled 1:14
A16 Sergio* - Emilio Morandi Untitled 1:15
A17 Jesse Glass Jr. Untitled 1:08
A18 Sue Fishbein Untitled 1:09
A19 Rod Summers Untitled 1:12
A20 P16.D4 Untitled 1:29
A21 Jane Fay Untitled 1:46
A22 Carlos Zerpa Untitled 0:49
A23 Luca Miti Untitled 1:10
B1 Bleus Guy Untitled 1:10
B2 Italo Mazza Untitled 0:47
B3 Raffaele Cuomo Untitled 0:44
B4 SWSW Thrght Untitled 1:19
B5 Cartsen Schmidt-Olsen* Untitled 1:14
B6 Niesporek Lutz Untitled 0:46
B7 Giacomo Bergamini Untitled 0:55
B8 Peter Paalvast Untitled 1:27
B9 Günther Ruch Untitled 1:08
B10 Emmett Walsh Untitled 0:48
B11 Leif Brush Untitled 1:03
B12 Piermario Ciani Untitled 1:21
B13 Reservation-Henk-Jockec Untitled 0:54
B14 Naif Orchestra Untitled 1:44
B15 Hiroko Iwata Untitled 0:38
B16 Giovanni Fontana Untitled 0:58
B17 Jaroslav Pokorny Untitled 0:45
B18 Ruggero Maggi Untitled 0:39
B19 Peter R. Meyer Untitled 1:07
B20 Guy Stuckens Untitled 0:47
B21 Klaus Peter Dencker Untitled 0:54
B22 José M.Pezuela Pintò Untitled 0:53
B23 Peeter Sepp Rock Rat Untitled 1:19
B24 Lon Spiegelman Untitled 1:07



Limited edition of 1000 copies copies numbered with a purple stamp on a small white tag on the back cover.

The tracks overlap and make up one continuous piece on each side.