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Mitten Ins Ohr

Artist: Various

Year: 1971
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Ohr OMM 2/56018
Format: Vinyl Lp-2

Companies, etc.



Released in a gatefold cover with two extra pages in the middle.

Subtitled on front cover "Eine Reise Durch Die Neue Deutsche Popszene".

A1 from the LP Operation, Ohr OMM 556015.
A2 to A4 from the LP Rockoper Profitgeier, Ohr OMM 556010.
A5 from the LP Opal, Ohr OMM 556003.
B1 from the LP Trips + Träume, Ohr OMM 556016.
B2 from the LP Paradieswärts Düül, Ohr OMM 556008.
B3 from the LP Stürmischer Himmel, Ohr OMM 556011.
C1 from the LP Osmose, Ohr OMM 556007.
C2 from the LP Ash Ra Tempel, Ohr OMM 556013.
C3 from the LP Alpha Centauri, Ohr OMM 556012.
D1 from the LP Hinten, Ohr OMM 556017.
D2 from the LP Hau-Ruk, Ohr OMM 556014.
D3 from the LP Mandalas, Ohr OMM 556001.

Zusammengestellt im September 1971 (compiled in September 1971).
Made in Germany by Ohr/Metronome Records GmbH