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Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Cthulhu Records CR 10
Format: Tape-2
A1 –Le Syndicat Killing At Home 2:47
A2 –Sigillum S Warmamurder 5:58
A3 –Somewhere In Europe The Last Summer 3:26
A4 –Somewhere In Europe Separate Torsos 2:59
A5 –La Sonorité Jaune Osora 1:41
A6 –La Sonorité Jaune Rehaa (Excerpt) 4:11
A7 –Club Moral Song Of The Vulva 4:32
A8 –The Haters SYI 29 7:49
B1 –Entre Vifs Concatenation 9:23
B2 –Slave State Divide & Conquer 5:04
B3 –Kapotte Musiek* Audio Plagio 8 (Bienenkoenigin) 5:01
B4 –Gerstein Tulunggul 3:14
B5 –Gerstein Lu'Ningu 3:32
B6 –Eric Lunde XcHdX / Partial Being 3:20
B7 –Con-Dom Get Right With God I (Live) 5:25
C1 –Ain Soph Hand In Hand 7:27
C2 –Allerseelen Sturm 6:05
C3 –Allerseelen Schwartzer Rab 3:41
C4 –Vox Populi! Alli (Ritual Sufi Song) 6:38
C5 –Nightmare Lodge Tra Le Fiamme Del Nido 2:55
D1 –Crash Worship ADRV* Shadow Weapon 5:29
D2 –Crash Worship ADRV* Dance With The Birdwoman 7:52
D3 –Hybryds Introspection 2:17
D4 –Hybryds Le Cri De L'Enfer 1:56
D5 –Hybryds Bella 3:25
D6 –Ipsos & Zone Void Black Flame Mantra 5:27
D7 –Autopsia Show Me Your Wound (Live) 3:37
Double cassette compilation released in a vinyl box. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.