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Multisonous Mottos

Artist: Rik Rue

Year: 1985
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Pedestrian Tapes, PX11
Format: Tape
A1 I've Never Been This way Before  
A2 Scoobly-doo  
A3 Wait Stop  
A4 You Gotta Plug That Babt Up  
A5 Journey Of The Infidel (Or Pilgrim's Progress)  
A6 Having An Intelligent Conversation With Pigs About Impending Nuclear Disasters  
B1 I Got Rhythm  
B2 Microbe Menace  
B3 Paedophilidelight  
B4 Line A Pipe  
B5 Old Order  
B6 Greetings From Our Eastern Friends  
B7 Piece For Unfriendly Musics  
B8 Discussions With Poultry On The Likely Effects Of Nuclear Radiation