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Music From Divided Germany

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Harsh Reality Music, HR 104
Format: Tape
 A1 –Yref & Nickola Opiska 6:46
A2 –Nostalgie Eternelle Loop-Hole 3:39
A3 –Die Rache Mild U. Weich 4:13
A4 –Siegmar Fricke Metal-Working-Grabs 6:20
A5 –Solanaceae Tau Muzak Ritual 3:50
A6 –Das Freie Orchester Untitled #3 5:36
A7 –Berlin Diary Indigo Stages (Part One) 3:23
A8 –Das Synthetische Mischgewebe If It Is Sure That Man Is Able To Do Anything, It Is Also Sure That He Needs It? 3:37
A9 –Tesendalo Der Strahienschutzbeauftragte Empfielt 7:14
A10 –Context (3) Product 44 1:00
B1 –PCR* Acteon.V 4:53
B2 –Radiotron* Baby Come Back 5:47
B3 –Kopfschmerztablette Ruckkehr Unmoglich 5:43
B4 –Doc Wor Mirran* Fastly Skitso 2:57
B5 –M. Finnkrieg Instant Replay (First Frame) 4:25
B6 –Der Pilz 3 Lpusen 3:53
B7 –Jorg Thomasius* Die Verfolgung 4:32
B8 –Henry Hektik Kontemplation 5:56
B9 –Unanitious Anonymous News From The Shopping Bags 4:16
B10 –L'Edarps A Moth I Want Your Laughter 3:30