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Nekropolis 81 - Cassette 4

Artist: Peter Frohmader

Year: 1982
Country: Germany
Label: Nekropolis
Catalog No: Nekropolis, NC, 4
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled 5:23
A2 Untitled 4:22
A3 Untitled 6:00
A4 Untitled 1:13
A5 Untitled 4:58
B1 Untitled 5:38
B2 Untitled 3:49
B3 Untitled 3:26
B4 Untitled 2:04
B5 Untitled 2:46
B6 Untitled 3:21
  • Composed By, Electronics, Vibraphone, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Guitar, Bass – Peter Frohmader
  • Cover – P.Frohmader*
Insert text:
Musik komponiert und gespielt von Peter Frohmader.
Musikalische Mittel: Elektronik, Vibraphon, Rhodes Piano, Gitarre, Bass
Cover von P.Frohmader (von Hand coloriert)

Cassette 4 of a 4 cassette series.
No track credits or times on release.
Cassette duration: 43:25
Front cover is hand coloured (every one is different)