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New Criminals Volume 1

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: New Crimes Tapes, NC2
Format: Tape
A1 Sinyx* Animal
A2 Sinyx* Suicide
A3 Sinyx* Fight
A4 The Subhumans* Parasites
A5 The Subhumans* It's Gonna Get Worse
A6 The Subhumans* Drugs Of Youth
A7 86:Mix* Describe Yourself
A8 86:Mix* My Desert Is A City
A9 86:Mix* The Party
B1 Stripey Zebras Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop
B2 Stripey Zebras Greta Garbo Goes Shopping
B3 Stripey Zebras Monsters On T.V.
B4 APF Brigade* The Profesionals
B5 APF Brigade* Ban The Bomb
B6 APF Brigade* No Effect
B7 Flux Of Pink Indians Left Me To Die
B8 Flux Of Pink Indians Is There Anybody There?
B9 Flux Of Pink Indians Life After Death
B10 Enola Death Fox Hunting
B11 Enola Death The Sun Says


Tracks A1 to A3 recorded live at Dave's practice room 10.05.81. 
Tracks A4 to A6 from the 3 part cassette "Demolition War". 
Tracks A7 to A9 recorded live at Southend Rascals 09.04.81 
Tracks B1 to B3 recorded live at Rochford Zero 6 01.12.80 
Tracks B4 to B6 from APF Brigade's live cassette. 
Tracks B7 to B9 from the FOPI demo tape. 
Tracks B10 to B11 recorded in Wayne Kermode's garden shed, May 1980. Enola Death formed in March 1980 and split up in June 1980 in a wet field near Stonehenge. 

All bands on this tape have appeared in "New Crimes" fanzine.