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Obiter Scripta

Artist: Browning Mummery

Year: 1984
Country: Australia
Label: BoxMusik
Catalog No: box5
Format: Tape
A1 Kyrie Eleison  
A2 Distintegrations Of Personality  
A3 Confessions Of An Opium-Eater  
B1 Elemental Automata  
B2 Bicardiac Clutch  
B3 Burying The Carnival  
B4 The Last Judgement  
  • Music By – Andrew Lonsdale
Releases other than Boxmusik often incorrectly self-titled the release "Browning Mummery" as the title only appears inside those j-cards. Cassette originally came out Boxmusik label in 1984 and was also reissued by Zero Cabal in 1990 and Irre Tapes in 1994. Tracks A3 and B4 appear only on releases 1985+.