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Operating N Thu Flesh; Tape Iz Flesh

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: United States
Label: Ecto Tapes
Catalog No: Ecto Tapes, Ecto 10
Format: Tape
A1 –Za Dharsh Lunatic  
A2 –Za Dharsh Dictator  
A3 –Costes I Want To Fuck A Porch Monkey  
A4 –Jeff Central Burn & Scatter (Rough Mix)  
A5 –Jeff Central Womb Ov Thee Earth  
A6 –Viktimized Karcass Cum All Over The Place  
B1 –Steamshovel Monkey Darkened Room  
B2 –Steamshovel Monkey Alien Shortwave  
B3 –Mortuary Attendant F.A.B.  
B4 –Mortuary Attendant Oh My God, This Can't Be Happening  
B5 –Z/k Permutative Dissonance  
B6 –The Psychic Workshop Death Factory  
B7 –The Psychic Workshop Ted Bundy's Dick