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Orgasmus Compilation

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Schutt und Asche
Format: Tape
Spezification: Limited Edition
A1 S·Core - Dog Whip
A2 Odal - Pancreas
A3 Urbain Autopsy - Une Balle Dans Le Tete
A4 Kapotte Muziek - Erster Hit Der Kirche
A5 Mario Marzidovsek - Army Of Laibach
A6 Vandal X - Chasm
A7 Vandal X - Requiem
A8 Vandal X - Leave The Body
A9 No Unauthorized - Essipedrem
A10 Louis Pasteur & Rembrandt - Hires
B1 Louis Pasteur & VC22 - F.T.T.
B2 Louis Pasteur - Feel The Metal
B3 Solanaceae Tau - Fetal Sequenz
B4 Dikyl Brobojo & St. Cos - Amainac On The Loose
B5 Szarkov - National Obstruction
B6 Dikyl Brobojo - Intermezzo For The People
B7 Dikyl Brobojo - It's Alive And It's Gollem
B8 De Fabriek - Solitaire
B9 Une Le Würg Production - Deformed Material From Twirk
B10 Une Le Würg Production - Material From 'Nightwork'
Compiled By [Completed] Markus Schwill
Limited to 50.
Early version with photocopied hand written cover.
Compilation title written in gold paint on outside of plastic case. "Only available against blank tape + postage or exchange with your prod."