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Parts for an imaginary film

Artist: Lets Panic Later

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Label: Ohne Label
Catalog No: Ohne Label 06
Format: Tape
  Parts For An Imaginary Film
A1 Vicious Lady  
A2 Old Travel  
A3 Fred  
A4 Luzy Grabo  
A5 Parts For An Imaginary Film (Part One)  
A6 Little Chinese Boy  
A7 Italiano  
A8 N.Y. Henry Broadway  
A9 Mister Caddy  
A10 E.A.  
A11 Unknown Soldier  
B1 The Way  
B2 Captain  
B3 Montana Sacra  
B4 Spanish Toreros  
B5 No Ideas  
B6 Eisen  
B7 Vacation Time  
B8 Golden Shower Room Dreams  
B9 Airport Dreams  
B10 Vanessa  
B11 Do You Remember Starman?!  
  • Instruments [Alle Instrumente] – B.G.'S*
  • Lyrics By [Texte] – Thomas Butler (2)