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Penus Rectus

Artist: Various

Year: 1997
Country: Netherlands
Label: New Noise
Catalog No: New Noise, none
Format: Tape
A1 –Deathpile Cock Torture 5:22
A2 –Scour (3) Machismo, The Poor Idiot 5:28
A3 –K2 Guelliras Have Hard Cocks 7:22
A4 –Westland Steatopyged 7:09
A5 –Skin Crime Jeff Strycker 9:21
A6 –EEL.O* Hard Boiled Dick 6:12
A7 –Skin-Graft Hard Iron Cock 5:38
B1 –Armenia Double Erection 8:40
B2 –Ostomy Kattfish Sammitch 3:38
B3 –Hyware Hypererection 4:40
B4 –Gestörte Nachbarn Oxidised Piercing Genitalia Of Sado Drag Queen 9:51
B5 –Orinoka Crash Suite* Stealing Babies 3:58
B6 –DL-Savings TX* Penis Elect Us 6:30
B7 –Ostomy The Lidomide Baby Gets Flipper Caught In The Ringer Washer Beheading The Staff Of Peepshow 7:38
C1 –EHI Inability To Use 4:52
C2 –Sonic Disorder Perverted Like Me 9:04
C3 –Dog Liver Oil* Dog Dick D.N.A. 6:14
C4 –Corpus Callosum Penis Rex 4:28
C5 –Billy Joewinghead / Jay T. Yamamoto The Porndelic Acoustic Research Mix 4:56
C6 –G-Horsturz* Noiseterrorism 11:13
C7 –Near Earth Objects Penisweopon Of War Pt. 2 5:57
D1 –Kapotte Muziek Penis Ruis (Live 30/01/1997) 3:13
D2 –Hermit (2) Masturbatorture Pt. 3 4:49
D3 –Zero Emission Phallus Tekkkno 4:39
D4 –Meeuw Berelul 4:03
D5 –Sufferers Sounds For The "Bouc Party" Part II (Fucks And Whips At The Boucparty) 5:18
D6 –Odal "Karaoke Bitch" 3:45
D7 –Outermost Ado 5:46
D8 –MSBR Nightmare On Cocks 8:27
D9 –Origami Erotika Darling Dildo Dick 5:02
E1 –Pain Jerk Penisentropy 8:21
E2 –Agnosy Testosterone 4:01
E3 –Near Earth Objects Penisweopon Of War Part 1 8:54
E4 –Aube Lustpound 9:08
E5 –Krachgau 5000 Org. Perm. 6:49
E6 –Forcefield (3) Dingaling 2:23
E7 –Masonna Barbaric Cock 1:52
E8 –Post Prandials In Noise We Trust 4:55
F1 –Post Prandials Sir Tristamhis Penisolate War 9:23
F2 –Grunt Pierced Iron Cock - The Ultimate Penis Envy 6:58
F3 –Building Of Gel Cut Up 2 4:33
F4 –Macronympha Pulsating Meat Monster 6:43
F5 –Atrax Morgue Small Hands On A Rock 6:00
F6 –Government Alpha How To Manipulate The Elecock 6:22
F7 –Lasse Marhaug Sound Of Frenum Piercing 6:15
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Syrius' Revenge Studios
Limited editon of 200 copies.
Track A1 recorded in dec. 1996 at not an exit.
Track A3 was recorded at Oncosonik Laboratory dec. 1996. Mixed dec. 23 '96. Metal junks, friktor, voices, modulator, MTR.
Track A4 is a bit hard to describe/translate has been created on the multi-frequencies-basis (in adding hertz or not). The Steatopyges are this kind of dolls with big asses the firstmen (in Africa but not only) have made with their hands like-we think so-a present to a pagan god of sexuality.
Track A7 rec. at 12-1-'97, visual made on 13-1-'97.
Track C1 was rec. in dec./1996.
Track C2 was recorded Jan 14th 1997 on a Tascam 4 track.
Track C3 recorded at Syrius Revenge Suite, Jan. 1997.
Track D2 recorded 27/01/97.
Track D3 recorded 12/96 at Malfunction Centre Koblenz.
D4 recorded on a Sunday 2-2-'97. This recording is made while Jos was eatting a "snack" called Berelul (BearCock).
Track D5 mixed and rec. at GMBH,17 jan./97 with only manipulated sounds and effects. "Boucparty" is an unplayed performance at this day.
Track D9 recorded at Church Street Studio 97.
Track E1 recorded at Dentata Tokyo May 1996.
Track E3 is remixed realtime from 4 track and track C7 is slowed down version.
Track E4 is all composed, mixed rec. and designed at Studio Mecca Kyoto Jan.'96. Using only the sounds of the "heartbeat as source-material".
Track E5 was recorded 1/'96.
Track F2 composed, performad and recorded 9.10.1995 and remixed 20.3.1995.
Track F7 music and artwork dec 96.