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Regional Zeal, Mouth Music From Olympia Washington

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: Palace Of Lights, NMS .04/1000
Format: Vinyl Lp



This is an anthology of music dealing with various applications of the human voice - i.e., spoken, singing, multi-tracked, processed... Some of these people have appeared on other records, some have never been recorded at all until now. All are involved in various other kinds of music/activity (electronics, improvisation, rock, dance, theatre, poetry, performance, etc.), so this is in no way an accurate representation of what they all "do". What they all have in common is an interest in using voices in one way or another to make music. Steve Peters Jan, 1982

Recorded at Tactical Sound, The Beuys Club, and the Evergreen State College.