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Revue OU 34 / 35

Artist: Various

Year: 1969
Country: France
Catalog No: Revue OU: REVUE-DISQUE 34/35
Format: Vinyl 10"
Spezification: Art-Edition: One of 10 copies with Series-Letter D
  –Francois Dufrêne* Haut-Satur  
Aa – June 1967 3:00
Ab – December 1967 8:40
Ac – November 1968 1:23
B1 –Bob Cobbing Marvo Movie Natter  
B2 –Bob Cobbing Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire  
B3 –Henri Chopin Mes Bronches  
  • Cover – Gisiger*
Numbered edition of 500 copies:
- 1 copy numbered "A" containing the original works
- 10 copies numbered 1 to 10 with a sound book by Hugh Davies, an etching by Degottex and a signed poem by Michel Seuphor
- 10 copies marked B to K
- 4 copies Hors Commerce
- 475 copies numbered 26 to 500

Packaged in embossed folder with the following loose printed items:
- Balch-Burroughs-Gysin-Somerville "Cut-Ups" [flyer for film screening by Henri Chopin]
- Henri Chopin "Being Alive" [poster]
- Bob Cobbing "Marvo Movie Natter / Marvo Movie Natter"
- Hugh Davies "Shozyg"
- Degottex "Il faut du noir pour sortir du rouge" [poster]
- Paul Armand Gette "Le Mur" [silkscreened poster]
- Ignacio Gomez de Liaño "Abandonner l'ecriture"
- M Seuphor "Janco Hinco Yinco Colo"