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Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Undergrowth, none
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90

A1 Asmus Tietchens – Untitled

A2 Greg Nixon – Eating Away

A3  Blair Petrie – Security (In Three Parts)

A4 Kevin Godsoe – World Affairs

A5 Maginot Line – Total Information Access

A6 Chris And Cosey – Haunted Heroes

A7 Jet Corporation – V.C.P.D.

A8 Skree-A-Bin – Voices Unincorporated

B1 Mushet/Ellard – Divine Right Of Kings

B2 Maginot Line – Anodyne

B3 Garnet Harry – How Do You Make Your Money …And Where Do You Spend It?

B4 Greg Nixon – Unlisted Number

B5 Skree-A-Bin – The Dreaded Amoebic Dub Single

B6 Steve Gibson – Confusion

B7 Chartwell INC. – Noddy Gets Swallowed

B8 Clemes Rettich – The World At 6


Design And Layout: Mark Mushet

Graphics And Photography: Mark Mushet

C90 cassette and booklet with information and artwork on the contributors. The central theme of each piece of music revolves around the idea of Security. The original submissions were broadcast on the Fast Forward radio show on CITR at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.