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Six Disques Bleu

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Abstract Records, none
Format: Vinyl Lp-6
Spezification: Box-Set


    New Model Army - Vengeance ( ABT 008 )
A1 New Model Army Christian Militia 3:25
A2 New Model Army Notice Me 2:35
A3 New Model Army Smalltown England 3:18
A4 New Model Army A Liberal Education 5:27
B1 New Model Army Vengeance 4:07
B2 New Model Army Sex (The Black Angel) 3:26
B3 New Model Army Running 3:55
B4 New Model Army Spirit Of The Falklands 3:42
    The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop ( ABT 010 )
C1 The Three Johns Teenage Nightingales To Wax  
C2 The Three Johns Do Not Cross The Line  
C3 The Three Johns 3 Junk  
C4 The Three Johns Firepits  
C5 The Three Johns No Place  
D1 The Three Johns Dr. Freedom  
D2 The Three Johns Missing  
D3 The Three Johns Sun Of Mud  
D4 The Three Johns The Devil's Music (Merry At Their Toil)  
D5 The Three Johns The Devil's Music (Class War)  
    Punk And Disorderly ( AABT 100 )
E1 Vice Squad Last Rockers 4:15
E2 The Adicts Straight Jacket 2:16
E3 U.K. Decay* For My Country 2:17
E4 Disorder (3) Complete Disorder 2:00
E5 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Banned From The Pub 2:40
E6 Disrupters Young Offender 1:35
E7 Red Alert (3) In Britain 2:07
E8 Blitz (3) Someones Gonna Die 2:25
F1 Dead Kennedys Kill The Poor 3:05
F2 The Partisans Police Story 2:10
F3 Demob No Room For You 3:30
F4 The Insane Last Day 1:15
F5 Abrasive Wheels Army Song 1:50
F6 Chaos U.K.* 4 Minute Warning 2:19
F7 Outcasts* Mania 3:10
F8 G.B.H. Race Against Time 2:45
    They Shall Not Pass ( AABT 400 )
G1 Redskins Lean On Me  
G2 The Sisters Of Mercy Adrenochrome  
G3 The Three Johns Pink Headed Bug  
G4 The Mekons Fight The Cuts  
G5 Newtown Neurotics Mindless Violence  
G6 Carlton B. Morgan Shave The Ayatollah  
H1 The Three Johns Men Like Monkeys  
H2 The Three Johns Two Minute Ape!  
H3 Newtown Neurotics Kick Out The Tories  
H4 The Mekons This Sporting Life  
H5 The Sisters Of Mercy Body Electric  
H6 Vicky Talbot We Don't Get Fooled Again  
H7 Redskins Unionize!  
    ( AABT 500 )
I1 The Three Johns Roster Blue  
I2 Five Go Down To The Sea* Often  
I3 Hagar The Womb Song Of Deep Hate  
I4 The Word (3) Different  
I5 Nikki Sudden Channel Steamer  
J1 New Model Army No Mans Land  
J2 Gymslips* 48 Crash  
J3 Bomb Party* Harry Was A Baby Sitter  
J4 Joolz Violation  
J5 1000 Mexicans Last Pop Song  
K1 Howard Hughes* West Of Pecos  
K2 Moodists* Hey Little Gary  
K3 Jazzawaki Don't Panic  
K4 Global Infantilists Passing  
K5 Into A Circle Fields Of Sleep  
L1 Punks Of '76 Medley  
L2 Big Zap* Zap Rap  
L3 1919 Cry Wolf  
L4 The Janitors* No Where  

Companies, etc.



All records are in blue transparent vinyl . Records are numbered from 1 to 6.
Box Set contains a 58x41cm calendar poster for 1988.