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Slaving For The Great Dictator

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Myopic Dwarf, Dwarf Tapes 004
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 –4Q (3) I Hate TV  
A2 –Shock Treatment (6) Badger  
A3 –Thrilled Skinny So Enthralling  
A4 –Slowjam Firewater (Live)  
A5 –Herb Garden Space Traffic Warden  
A6 –Prostitutes Devil's Song  
A7 –Every New Dead Ghost She's Waiting  
A8 –Foreign Legion (3) Message From Nowhere  
A9 –Dance Naked Jezebel  
B2 –Anhrefn Gwesty Cymru  
B1 –Oi Polloi The Only Release  
B3 –The Wasp Factory The Dark Is Looking Bright  
B4 –Culture Shock (3) Civilisation Street  
B5 –Venus Fly Trap Desolation Railway  
B6 –Playground (2) Dolphins  
B7 –Batman Carnage Mutants My Life In 30 Seconds