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Some Of The Interesting Things You'll See On A Long-Distance Flight

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Les Disques Du Crépuscule, TWI 081
Format: Tape
A1 Wally Van Middendorp Intro 1:30
A2 Richard Jobson & Tuxedomoon Etiquette The Ballad 1:20
A3 Richard Jobson & Tuxedomoon Pavillion Pole 3:11
A4 Richard Jobson & Tuxedomoon India Song 8:08
A5 Serge Gainsbourg Inbetween 0:17
A6 Paul Haig & Rhythm Of Life* Shining Hour 5:34
A7 Serge Gainsbourg Inbetween 0:17
A8 The Names (This Is) Harmony 4:36
B1 Paul Haig & Rhythm Of Life* Chance 5:22
B2 Paul Haig & Rhythm Of Life* Stories 4:27
B3 Paul Haig & Rhythm Of Life* Glory 4:05
B4 Paul Haig & Rhythm Of Life* Justice 3:28
B5 Serge Gainsbourg Inbetween 0:17
B6 Marine (2) Same Beat 2:49
B7 Serge Gainsbourg Inbetween 0:17
B8 The Durutti Column Party 3:15


Single panel J-card inlay printed both sides. Black cassette with white labels, labelled "North" and "South".

Label name Les Disques Du Crépuscule doesn't actually appear, instead "Les Cassettes Du Crépuscule" is printed on the spine.

A live recording of the "Dialogue North/South" tour in February 1982.
The "Inbetween"-tracks are taken from Gainsbourg's soundtrack to Goodbye Emanuelle (aka Emanuelle 3).
This release comes without a tracklisting.