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Take Five - 17 Collaborations on a Five Minute Soundpiece

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Label: Ecto Tapes
Catalog No: Ecto Tapes, Ecto 22
Format: Tape
 A1 –Eel O., Mortuary Attendant Original Piece
A2 –Cephalic Index Cephalic Index
A3 –Big City Orchestra Big City Orchestra
A4 –La Sonrite Juane La Sonrite Juane
A5 –Travis B. Travis B.
A6 –Mike Shannon Mike Shannon
A7 –Mental Anguish Mental Anguish
A9 –Keona Umberto Keona Umberto
B1 –Minoy Mino'Y
B2 –Theatre Of Ice Theatre Of Ice
B3 –T.L. & A. (Live) T.L. & A. (Live)
B4 –Not 1/2 Not 1/2
B5 –Jeff Central/Itn Jeff Central/Itn
B6 –War World War World
B7 –Kapotte Muziek Kapotte Musiek
B8 –Skeletal Remains Skeletal Remains
B9 –Bellas Artes Bellas Artes