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Tape Heads Eight -Tape Heads Final?

Artist: Various

Year: 1998
Country: United States
Label: Haltapes
Catalog No: HalTapes; Tape Heads Eight
Format: Tape


A1 K2 Schizophenoise 3:38
A2 The Dreadlock Brothers Then Thousand Meets Ten 3:40
A3 Atrophy Transmission 12 3:20
A4 Joe B. Vaughan Jr. & Elton Houck Jalapeno Cornbread Opus #1 4:07
A5 Andy Willard Beyond Certain Truths 5:32
A6 J Dog If I Die, Will You Cry? 2:04
A7 Flatline Construct Sirius 4:09
A8 Robin O'Brien & Don Campau Might Be 3:05
A9 Trip Scope Neurohybrid 3:51
A10 Twitch (7) Return To The Human World 4:12
A11 Gaijin (2) Hannes 3:09
B1 Noring* / McGee* Do Anti-Particles Matter? 5:29
B2 Mental Anguish Tarbaby 5:37
B3 Dave Fuglewicz Dark Sector 4:41
B4 Kunz vs. No Untitled 3:36
B5 Ant Corray Huge Contingent 5:10
B6 Origami Epeleptika Ha-Nok-Nial-Hi-Nail-Go 4:11
B7 Courtis* Afeita-truenos #7 4:23
B8 Jeph Jerman & Doug Theriault 3 Or 4 Sheets Floating 5:35
B9 Lethal Dose 50 Quiescent Shadows 5:57



Audio works by hometapers from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway and USA.