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Tape Report 03

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Austria
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 20
Format: Tape
A1 –Josef K. Noyce O Hamlet......  
A2 –Josef K. Noyce The Beat Act  
A3 –Josef K. Noyce Wild Thing  
A4 –Capers Jordan  
A5 –Architects Office AO 402.6 Pt. 2  
A6 –Controlled Bleeding Letters To Life Cycle  
A7 –Zsa Zsa Voices  
B1 –The Deep Freeze Mice Till Dawn  
B2 –Jon Rose Untitelt  
B3 –Hans Platzgumer Don't Want To Waste Another Day  
B4 –Venus Fly Trap Morphine  
B5 –The Motor Totemist Guild Lightly Into Nappy  
Comes with a mini-booklet and A5 folder written in English. All about the theme "passion". December 1986 - June 1987.