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Tape Report 04

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 22
Format: Tape
 A Seite

01.Ignominies (UUs-Motor Totemist Guild)
02.Später (Fett)
03.5 Controlled Songs (Christoph Gallio)
04.Animals (Shoulder)
05.Fünf Mark (Fett)

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06.Dream State (Shoulders)
07.I Guess A Warrior Bomb (Goodheart Wagner)
08.Solo Telo (Goodheart Wagner)
09.Mingus N Spiders (Goodheart Wagner)
10.Tuner Swell (Goodheart Wagner)
11.Why Do You Stop Me (Goodheart Wagner)
12.Atomketten Nr. 20-8 Excerpt (Markus Eichenberger)
13.Urban Cut Ups (Monochrome Bleu)
14.Song (Monochrome Bleu)
15.Unnoticed People From Whose Kind (J.S.L)