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The Best Of No Wave 05

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Germany
Catalog No: No Wave Series
Format: Tape
A1     –Public Image Limited     Untitled    
A2     –Tuxedomoon     Untitled    
A3     –Pigbag     Untitled    
A4     –Jah Wobble     Untitled    
A5     –Joy Division     Untitled    
A6     –Wah!     Untitled    
A7     –Dead Or Alive     Untitled    
A8     –New Age Steppers     Untitled    
A9     –Sham 69     Untitled    
A10     –The Bollock Brothers     Untitled    
B1     –Klischee     Untitled    
B2     –Nichts     Untitled    
B3     –Hitsville Soldiers     Untitled    
B4     –Dead Kennedys     Untitled    
B5     –Métal Urbain     Untitled    
B6     –Hoax (12)     Untitled    
B7     –The Real Kids     Untitled    
B8     –The Pretty Things     Untitled    
B9     –Ramones     Untitled    
B10     –The Professionals (7)     Untitled    
B11     –London (4)     Untitled    
B12     –The Drones     Untitled    
B13     –Yello     Untitled    
B14     –Public Image Limited     Untitled    
B15     –Pierre Henry     Untitled