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The Other Side Of The Sky - The Alternative Capitalists Freebie Tape

Artist: Various

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Alternative Capitalists, ACF 001
Format: Tape
A1 –Roger Taylor The Frost Bites  
A2 –Head Stuff Working Things  
A3 –Anthrax For The Oxford Undergraduates A Poem  
A4 –The Fire Engines* Boys And Girls  
A5 –Blue Lights Flashing Different Picture  
A6 –Obviously Vosene Silver Machine  
A7 –Intestines Stuck In My Elevator  
A8 –Anthrax For The People Confusion Strum  
A9 –Obviously Vosene Disco Rappin'  
A10 –The Plague (12) Living Room (Live)  
A11 –Anthrax For The People The Philosophy Song  
B1 –Intestines I Am A Contraceptive  
B2 –No Unit Battle Scars  
B3 –The Arthritic Hips Working Class Hero  
B4 –Dancing Free Fall Saturday Nights  
B5 –The Flamenco Guitars Of Miguel Riossi Silver Machine  
B6 –Obviously Vosene Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  
B7 –Roger Taylor (6) Sleep At Last  
B8 –Peter Ferret's Partly* Mutton Wrath Child