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The Pony

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Norway
Catalog No: Hypertonia World Enterprises; HWE 022
Format: Tape

Tracklist Show Credits

A01 Trigger B Heldentod 6:09
A02 Deleted Chou-Fleur 2:39
A03 Crippled Hippo This Is A Song About AIDS (Ring Around The Rosy) 5:13
A04 Åreknuteknyterne* Mannen Som Ikke Ville Dø 1:24
A05 Peace & Freedom* Luton Chant 0:36
A06 Dead Goldfish Ensemble* The National Anthems Of China, Bhutan & Quatar 1:48
A07 Bullwinkle And Simon Parsnip's Scientifical Theatre Alle Har Hast 1:06
A08 No Unauthorized Il Etait Un Petit Homme, Pirouette 2:26
A09 48 Cameras Walking Uphill Sideways 3:13
A10 Famlende Forsøk Børre 4:26
A11 Bene Gesserit Nmyh 1:25
A12 Andi Xport Royal Blood 5:08
A13 The Beerbellies What A Way To Die! 1:40
A14 Magthea & Ra (4) Child From Nowhere 1:00
A15 Bullwinkle And Simon Parsnip's Scientifical Theatre Har Vi Sten I Våre Hender? 1:50
A16 Sack* WSFO 1 Beat-Version 1:30
A17 The Walther Ulbricht Experience* Wir Versaufen Unser Oma Sein Klein Häuschen 0:55
A18 Åreknuteknyterne* An Der Schönen Blauen Donau 1:38
A19 The Horse Falls Die Stern Van Suid Afrika (Exerpt) 1:51
B01 Lord Litter In The Hut Of The Backjard Lord 3:49
B02 Hybryds Oischa (A Mythical Hymn) 4:27
B03 White Lord Jesus Heil Jesus! 10:03
B04 Quintet De L'art Poilaunez (2de Part) 1:48
B05 Nicole Campau New Fashion 2:08
B06 Z.B.Z.* White Night II 5:23
B07 48 Cameras Djabel Qafzeh 11, Israel 1:20
B08 Deleted La Tarseillaise 4:33
B09 Bullwinkle And Simon Parsnip's Scientifical Theatre Gud Sign Vår Kong(1)e God 2:57
B10 Political Asylum Standing Over Me 3:07
B11 Sack* Fuchs Du Hast Die Gans Gestohlen 1:28
B12 Åreknuteknyterne* Hole In The Wall 2:05
B13 Tvileren Thomas Sov 2:48


The Pony - A Collection Of Hymns, Psalms, National Anthems, Folk Songs and General Blasphemy.