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The World of Ebus Music

Artist: Various

Year: 1997
Country: Germany
Label: Ebus Music
Catalog No: Ebus Music; EM050
Format: Tape


A1 Die Welttraumforscher Freche Lola  
A2 Die Welttraumforscher Feuermann Und Wasserfrau  
A3 Schmertz Der Welten Der Geist Des Waldes  
A4 Schmertz Der Welten Schenk Ich Mir Einen Tag  
A5 Die Traktor Sommerzeit  
A6 Die Traktor Party Pals  
A7 Ralf Olbrich Read Between The Lines  
A8 Ralf Olbrich Missing Your Love  
B1 Doc Wör Mirran Slow #7 (Extract)  
B2 Mr. Ebu Treÿe (Extract)  
B3 Always Welcome Empathy (Extract)  
B4 Autumn (6) Elysium (Extract)  
B5 Halo Svevo Wake Me Up (Extract)  
B6 Unpleasant Surprise Everything's Different Now (Extract)  
B7 Das M Im Sommer (Extract)  
B8 L'Edarps A Moth Hau Ihm Auf Die Nase  


Tracks A1 and A2 from Die Welttraumforscher - Sideria
Tracks A3 and A4 from Schmertz Der Welten - PostNDWpopHardcoreSchlager
Tracks A5 and A6 from Die Traktor - Thanksgiving
Tracks A7 and A8 from Ralf Olbrich - Read Between The Lines
Track B1 from Doc Wör Mirran - Slower
Track B2 from Mr. Ebu - Cosmic Cool, named here as "Some Of The Are Treye Tracks"
Track B3 from Always Welcome - No Darkness Today
Track B4 from Autumn (6) - Movements Of The HourHand In The IvoryTower
Track B5 from Halo Svevo - Butho
Track B6 from Unpleasant Surprise - Without Classical Instruction
Track B7 from Das M - Die Zeit Im Irrtum
Track B8 from L'Edarps A Moth-Lustige Lieder Cassette