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Total Recess 4

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Mystery Hearsay
Format: Tape
A1   –The Detective What A Life (To Be Goose)  
A2 –Noxious Bait* Deep In The Sea  
A3 –Viktimized Karcass Strong Man  
A4 –No Music You Could Be Pigshit  
A5 –Die Socken Vacation  
A6 –Exart Critique Of Separation  
B1 –Harold C. Terrell Prelude - The Saxon Shore  
B2 –Mental Anguish Night Shadows  
B3 –The Dead Goldfish Ensemble A Little Bit Of Nonsense  
B4 –Croiners For Mikey  
B5 –Mario Marzidovsek Black Night  
B6 –Mam-Aufnahme, FFm Wake Up - Reveille Toi - Wach Auf Endless Cassette  
B7 –Agog Putting Legs On A Snake  
B8 –No Unauthorized Recess In The Back Shop