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Total Recess 5

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Mystery Hearsay
Format: Tape
No catalog number listed on release.

Released in a photocopied paper j-card with two inner flaps.
Customer brand tapes with typewritten stickers (the release is called "TOTAL RECESS #5" on the stickers).

This version has the artist of track A1 miscredited as "Victimized Carcass".
This version has track A9 misspelled "Endpiece/The Fuhres Sperm".
A1 –Victimized Karcass* I Shall Return  
A2 –Mental Anguish Love Surgery  
A3 –Cancerous Growth A Decent Faximily  
A4 –Mental Anguish & Jeff Central No Blind Spot  
A5 –Milovan Srdenovic Big Janice  
A6 –Milovan Srdenovic Thousand Islands Undressing  
A7 –Milovan Srdenovic Psychopathia Sexualis  
A8 –Milovan Srdenovic 600 Times  
A9 –G.T.O.G. Endpiece / The Fuhrers Sperm  
A10 –G.T.O.G. The Walls Are Bare  
B1 –Life Of Work In God's Name / Words From Allah  
B2 –Swing Jugend Ram Dat Beetle  
B3 –Swing Jugend ...  
B4 –Swing Jugend Eclipse  
B5 –Die Rache Tol Section 25  
B6 –P B K* Duty  
B7 –P B K* (CNT) OCT. 1910  
B8 –Cephalic Index Wind Fall Rites  
B9 –Cephalic Index Blood Stained Tights