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Vision #4 - Word Of Mouth

Artist: Various

Year: 1980
Country: United States
Catalog No: Crown Point Press, #4
Format: Vinyl Lp-3
Spezification: Box-Set



Subtitled prepared talks by 12 artists recorded on Ponape.

Vision is an art journal (ISSN 0749-8179) edited and curated by Tom Marioni of the Museum of conceptual art (MOCA) and published and produced by Kathan Brown of Crown Point Press [...] For this issue artists were given time on a phonograph record rather than pages in a magazine [...] Twelve artists from California, New York and Europe were each invited to prepare a twelve minute talk on any subject.

From the liner notes:
"This meeting took place on Ponape, one of the Caroline Islands in the Pacific ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and Japan, a few degrees above the equator north of Australia. Thirty-seven people met together over a period of a week in January 1980. Prepared talks by the twelve participating artists were given in the evenings before and after dinner. The days were spent exploring."

Titles printed in red ink on white labels.
No tracklisting is available on sleeve nor booklet.
Include a 4 page booklet illustrated with black and white photographic portraits of the artists.

Offset printing by Turner Printing Company.
Record pressing by Wakefield Manufacturing Company.
Published by Crown Point Press, 1555 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland (California, USA).
Record and text copyright 1980 by Crown Point Press.
Limited edition of 1000.