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Zobel & Thomasius

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: Dieter Zobel is a self-taught musician from (East) Germany, who began to compose when he purchased a Yamaha CX-5. His music is completely disconnected from the music composed in the Western countries. It is a complex mixture of futuristic classicism, medieval ressonances, cosmic textures and experimentation. He was member of the famous quartet Das Freie Orchester, an avant-garde band from East Berlin that was active from mid-80s to early 90s. During those years he collaborated with fellow member of the band Jörg Thomasius on three tapes, produced and released by band's own tape label (Kröten Kassetten), in addition to his solo experimental releases on the same label. The duo of Dieter Zobel and Jorg Thomasius was an essential experimental project that was happening even before the wall fell. Utilizing loops, keyboards, guitars, tapes and many other sound making devices, the duo traveled from ambient drone to noise to indescribable otherworldly sounds. He also released tapes with two other members of DFO, Carsten Spindler and Gui Gust.