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Denk Daran!

Artist: Various

Year: 1980
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Überblick, SM 001
Format: Vinyl Lp

Companies, etc.



Printed insert with credits and some lyrics.

Stille Macht Düsseldorf!
Diese Scheibe wurde von allen Gruppen gemeinsam produziert.
Denk Daran! Erscheint In Der Überblick-Verlag-GMBH
Vertrieb: OLET Labor

©? 1980

A1 recorded at Rondo, mixed at Olet Labor Studio
A2, A3 recorded and mixed at Ink Records Studio
A4, B4 recorded at Atatak, mixed at Olet Labor Studio
A5, B1 recorded and mixed at Atatak
A6 recorded and mixed at Klangwerkstatt
B2, B6 recorded and mixed at Olet Labor Studio
B3 rehearsal room recording Olet Labor Studio
B5 recorded at Sixtmusic-Solingen
B7 recorded at Rara

Mastered at Klangwerkstatt

This record was financed by the artists, respectively by Ata Tak, Ink Records, Rondo and Überblick-Magazin.
Insert lists the following artists for their participation in the release: Milan Kunc + Mike A. Henz + Moritz Rrr ® + Harry Rag + Carmen + Hausklang + Michael Arnal.

Differences between the sleeve and the labels:
A1: Title: Det Is Nu Wehf | Jesulein
A5: Artist: Der Plan | Plan - Title: Schnee-Christel Unterm Baum | Schneechristel Unterm Baum
A6: Artist: Xao Seffcheque & Die Pest | Xao & Die Post
B1: Title: Ein Weihnachtsmann ... | 1 Weihnachtsmann ...
B2: Artist: Vorsprung (Ex-Male) | Vorsprung
B3: Title: Neulich, Weihnachtsabend In Der Nähe Von Mc Donalds | Neulich Heilig Abend In Der Nähe Von Mäc Donalds
B5: Artist: Syph | S.Y.P.H.

The record doesn't have any runout etchings.