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5 Days in Hell

Artist: Milovan Srdenovic

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
  The Glass Abattoir Side
A1 Overture  
A2 Rafi's Theme  
A3 From Aschaffenburg  
A4 South Like Tomorrow  
A5 Jizz 6th And Spring  
A6 A Green Mole  
A7 600 Times  
A8 The Place  
A9 And The Liquide  
  How To Spot A Quack Side
B1 Big Janice  
B2 Thousand Islands Undressing  
B3 Countdown To Death Disease  
B4 Pig In Amber  
B5 Soft Tissue Metabolised  
B6 Baby Let's Get Dizzy  
B7 Psychopathia Sexualis  
B8 Foxy's Mole  
B9 Axminster Insoles Sace On Fitted Carpet  
All items by Milovan Srdenovic with thanks to Eva Perouk for help with the Plastique Totale on 'Overture'.

A GTOG production.