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Colour these Bears

Artist: Milovan Srdenovic

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 G.A. Theme 4  
A2 Jissom Truck  
A3 Colour These Bears  
A4 Mythological Atmosphere  
A5 Glass Abattoir Finale  
A6 A Bobbin' Am A Bubblin' In The Plasma Pool (Baby With You)  
A7 The Fence And The Window  
A8 Esther Hit Me With The Marmelade  
B1 Intro  
B2 I Floated Till I Stopped  
B3 Milk/Nuns  
B4 Vibrator / Piano Concerto  
B5 Doris Strokes The Fire  
B6 Gin And Sewage  
B7 The Experiment With The Fish And The Man Who Died From A Blackhead  
B8 Blackhead Piano Postlude  
B9 The Pollutions  
B10 The Bear And Gil O' Connell  
B11 Madog  
With hand coloured crayon covers.