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Abner Malaty

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: An American solo act started in 1981 by Ancel CREAMER. His main area of artistic research was avant rock music and experimental forms of post- industrial music. In 1995 he had to stop his musical activities for perso- nal reasons. Through his music, CREAMER expressed his fascination with genetic engineering, new discoveries in neuroscience as well as UFOs and ancient cultures. His musical ideas revolved around capturing the volatile and non-recurring moments in our reality. He enriched his psychedelic rock sequences with field recordings (clock ticking, sounds made by a plane, dripping water). Rumour has it that the he was only active at wintertime as it was only then when he felt creative. Discography: Abner Malaty (Cracked Cranium Cassettes 1985) tape Fragments From The Semi - Structure (Sound Of Pig 1987) tape Mutant Hiss And Hilda (Abner Malaty 1987) tape Beyond The Fold (Freedom In A Vacuum 1988) tape Astral Decay (Tonspur Tapes 1988) tape Songs For Celebrating Solstice (Abner Malaty 1989) tape Cosmik Riddum (Tears Compilation 1990) tape The Untitled Hour (Violet Glass Oracle 1990) tape Patina (A Collection Of Simple Archaic Structures) (Abner Malaty 1990) tape Stone Mayan Mushroom (Azoic Moments 1993) tape 7,000 Years Ago Tomorrow (EE Tapes 1993) tape Glide (Drone Records 1994) 7” EP Cranium (EE Tapes 1994) tape